Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get your camera off auto!!!

Good morning!

This weekend I was looking at some pictures that a friend took I woundered if she knew how to take her camera off of auto. Don't get me wrong she had wonderful pictures of our kids playing, running, and jumping, but they could have been even better had she known how to set her camera for those moving targets! Kids are fast and sometimes our cameras just aren't fast enough. I hear people all the time saying, "I missed it by just a second!"
There are tons of functions that many people don't even realize they have on their point and shoot cameras. Play with the settings read your manual and set your camera to work for what you are shooting. Lets face it we wouldn't get a screw driver to drive a nail in we would get a hammer. It is the same with your camera. You want to set it based on what you are working with. I love setting my camera on sports mode for all my pictures of my daughter and her friends out playing. It makes my camera react faster and I just get better pictures (of course that is when I am using my point and shoot, not my big camera!). If my daughter is posing for me and holding still I set the camera to take portraits, I love the way it drops the background out of focus!
Don't be afraid to play with your settings! You can always switch it back to auto, or try a different setting. I know that many times we don't like to read the manual, but it really can be helpful!
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