Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome Home Wounded Warriors!!!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up thinking about all I had to do for the day...I had 5 babies to see at the hospital, it was field day at my daughters school, I needed to pick up print orders and get them mailed out...and all by 3 pm. There was no way to fit it into those 6 hrs!
Then on the way to school I heard it on the radio, Susan is on her way to the airport to welcome home wounded warriors! I had completely forgotten that yesterday was the day...time for rearranging. So I ran to the store and got my daughter a special lunch (since now there was no way I was going to make it to have lunch with her.) Ran to her school watched her play a little basketball and told her I have to go. By the time I got in the car and on the way I only had 30 mins to be in baggage claim waiting...I prayed please let me make it! As I exited highway 45 onto beltway 8 (which for those of you that aren't from Houston that means I am still about 15-20 mins from the terminal) they said on the radio what I was dreading hearing. Its too late to make it, there is no parking. Just line the streets.
I thought there has to be a way...and as I exited beltway 8 I saw a park n' fly with a sign that said first day of parking FREE!!! I pulled in and said how often do shuttles come, Every 5 Minutes!!! I parked and rode a shuttle in! I made it!!! As I walked down stairs I was so moved by what I saw...

As I stood there in that terminal surrounded by over 1,000 grateful people I prayed that EVERY service person gets a welcome home like this! As the warriors began to enter the crowed cheered and clapped. People were giving high fives, shaking hands with people they have never met, and saying what we should all say to every service person we ever see
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
There were many different reactions from the warriors as they walked through the room. Some were even getting emotional themselves.

After everyone came through the room these wonderful Marines posed for as many pictures as people wanted to take! It was soo wonderful! Each and every one of them were very nice and it was an honor and a privaliage to get to tell them thank you!

 As I was getting ready to leave this is what I saw...

In case you can't see it the back of this wheel chair says that this man is a purple hear reciepient! As I listened to him talk to these boys it was easy to see what an incredible spirit he has and what an insparation he is! He's special forces! As you will get to see he even showed these boys his tatoo.

This is a photo from the front of one of the four busses that carried these warriors out of the airport!

 In case I haven't said it

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