Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Announcement: Posing Guide

Good Afternoon everyone!

Recently I created a newborn posing guide entitled 'The Devil's in the Details'. While this guide would be greatly useful for a new photographer, or one that just hasn't worked with too many babies, its primary intent is to help moms learn to take exceptional pictures of their newborn. Let's face it today we are all struggling a little more and it’s the extras that we stop spending on first, like professional portraits. The other reason that so many families aren't having portraits taken is that they have a digital camera themselves. I know a lot of people that have the concept that if they take 100 pictures of little Anna then they will most likely end up with at least 5 that come out beautiful...but who wants to sit there for 100 photos? Having worked extensively with newborns I know that most babies only last about 20-30 mins before they are truly DONE! In that time you could snap off some good ones, but wouldn't it be 1000 times better if you started with great poses and knew how to get 10-20 great photos in only about 20 mins?

That is precisely what 'The Devil's in the Details' was created to help you do! I know you won't be disappointed! You can find my posing guide in my etsy store (there is a link to my store in the tabs at the top of this page) for an introductory price of $24.99! If you would like a preview of the guide please ask and I will happily provide you one!

Thank you!

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