Saturday, August 11, 2012


As a photographer and mom I get my inspiration from all around me...I love to pass by a field of flowers or a small waterfall...a forest of trees or a playground. Inspiration is all around me! I find that looking at my friends pictures and watching the kids play inspires me more than anything else! I mean come on you take one look at the most beautiful photo of your best friends child and you want one like that of yours! Besides that is a great way to test something out and see if you like it...sometimes it will work and you too will have a great picture of your child and sometimes it will be something that you will never want to admit to your friends you tried...but hey at least you tried something new!
Texas is known for the beautiful Bluebonnets that bloom at the beginning of spring every year. Since my daughter was just a few months old I have wanted to take her picture in a field of bluebonnets, but did you know that bluebonnets only bloom for about 2 weeks! So this was going to be my year! I was determined to make sure that I would get that sacred picture I have wanted for years!!! I got her all dressed up and fixed her hair and we went hunting for bluebonnets (they don't grow near me, it is about a 2 hr drive)! I finally made it to the place that everyone told me had the best fields you have ever seen...NOT ONE!!! Can you believe it! I missed them again!!! I was soo sad...but I was determined to not waste this day! I was going to at least get some good pictures of her! Here is one of the photos I ended up with when I went looking for bluebonnets...

Just because you didn't get exactly what you planned doesn't mean you can't get a great photo!!!
What inspires you?

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