Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dad's and Grad's

The end of the school year is fast approaching! With that means celebrating Dad's and grads! It is always a struggle to figure out what to get for that special someone, what about getting them something they really will treasure for a lifetime...a custom memory book! For the rest of May I am offering a portrait session with a custom photo book for only $85.00 Too often we take tons of photos of our kids and their friends but forget to include ourselves. We are all also guilty of never printing the photos. We fall in love with all of them but then leave them on our computer instead of on our walls or in beautiful memory books we can share with our family and friends. This year you can end the cycle! You can have a custom photo book made for you from your session and even order extra books for surprise gifts for family and friends throughout the year!
I understand that you may have tons of photos already stashed on your computer that you would like to put together into a photo book. I would be happy to go through your photos and put together a custom photo book for only $50.00.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

The toughest and most rewarding job in the world is unpaid and many times unappreciated. We spend thankless hours  cooking, cleaning, taxing, reading stories, creating things, and so much more! We spend our nights worrying and our days running, constantly. One day a year we set aside to recognize all the time and love our mothers give to us and it is no where near enough! I know that the day that I became a mom it made me recognize so many things my mom did for me! So for all of the things we see and the so many more that we don't Thank You Mom!!!!

Happy Mother"s Day!!!